Almost Human Premieres on Fox: What Did You Think?

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Fox has very high hopes for Almost Human.

The series was given a special Sunday night premiere this week, following an NFL doubleheader, and will jump right back in and air its second installment tonight.

But was the new J.J. Abrama and J.H. Wyman-produced drama worthy of such hype?

We think so. The opening hour offered up a nice twist on the basic police procedural, bringing in the kind of sci-fi elements and mystery that made Wyman so beloved on his previous series, Fringe.

We have Karl Urban as Detective John Kennex and Michael Ealy as an android named Dorian, forced to team with the grumpy officer who has returned to work after a two-year absence, one he blames on another android who abandoned him at the scene of the crime.

But Ealy's Dorian is different. He has been programmed to be feel, to be, well, almost human.

It's early, of course, but this feels like a unique partnership, like something we haven't seen on television before. There's clear chemistry between the leads - and that's before we even get to the questions raised by the premiere.

What does Insyndicate, the group responsible for ambushing Kennex and his team many years ago, want? Some evidence attached to Casefile 6663, whatever that means.

How does Kennex's ex-girlfriend play into this? And were John's memories of her real? Was she really at that scene? Can he trust the Recollectionist dude who is helping him retrace the steps that were lost after a bomb went off right in front of him back in the day?

There are a couple intriguing mysteries, but the most hopeful aspect of Almost Human centers on Urban and Ealy. They ought to be a lot of fun to watch as the weeks go by. And, hey, for the fellas, Minka Kelly also stars. That can't be a bad thing.

What did you think of the Almost Human premiere?

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