O.J. Simpson: Possibly Khloe Kardashian's Father!!!

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It's our favorite rumor on the Internet, and it's resurfaced once again thanks to In Touch Weekly:

Might O.J. Simpson be Khloe Kardashian's biological father?!?

This hilarious paternity question was first raised in January 2012 by The National Enquirer and now Simpson's manager, Norman Pardo, is telling In Touch that anything is possible.

The Juice totally could have knocked up Kris Jenner!

After all, Prado is certain Jenner "slept with" Simpson and says the truth is "going to come out sooner or later." And what truth is that, exactly?

"Khloe could be O.J.’s kid," Prado says.

Then again, of course, she could not be as well.

Prado adds that he's actually brought up this possibility with the inmate and O.J. "giggles" at the reference.

And also maybe because he's thinking back to the times he and late wife Nicole Brown spent with Jenner and then-husband Rob Kardashian in the 1980s, as the two couples often vacationed together and:

“There was a lot of partying going on," Prado says.

Could that have led to unprotected sex between Jenner and Simpson? Which eventually produced Khloe? Sure. Maybe!

Jenner is already on record as saying this allegation is an "absolute lie," while Khloe has had fun with it, saying of the chatter last year:

“I would hope if I’m half black and half white, I would be a little tanner!”

What do YOU think? Is O.J. Khloe's real dad?

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