Nurse Calls Nine-Month-Old Baby "Loser" For Not Receiving Vaccinations

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A South Carolina mom is livid after a nurse implied that her nine-month-old son is a "loser" because the baby hadn't received any vaccinations.

Katie Smart claims she received an offensive note referring to the sick child as such after taking the boy to the hospital for twisting his ankle.

He also had a fever, so to be safe, she wanted the little boy checked out.

That visit came with a message, Smart says, that she didn't deserve.

"I did feel judged," said Smart of the note, which called out the fact that he hadn't received vaccinations and concluded with the word "loser" and a sad face.

"For her to say that, she doesn't know why I choose not to vac," said Smart.

Smart says she researched the ingredients of vaccinations given to children, and that's why she and her husband decided not to inject two of theirs.

She says she doesn't know if the nurse intentionally left the note behind, or it was an accident, but either way, Smart says it was uncalled for.

The family filed a complaint with the hospital, one that reached COO James Latham, who said it does not reflect the medical organization's values.

"We are not judgmental of others, and this clearly violates that standard of palmetto health," said Latham, who offered an apology to the family.

"I am genuinely sorry for this behavior, I truly am," said Latham.

The Smarts say they just want to make sure other families who make the same choice to not vaccinate their children are not subjected to that treatment.

"I’m worried that this might not be a one incident kind of thing, and that is the only children's hospital in the area that we can go to," said Smart.

The COO is not saying what, if any, additional disciplinary action they will take against this employee, only saying right now this person is suspended.

He also says they hope to use this incident, however regrettable, "as an educational tool" regarding how patients should be treated at the facility.

What do you think about vaccinating kids? For or against?

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