Man Buys House Next to Ex-Wife, Erects Giant Middle Finger Statue on Back Deck

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Alan Markovitz recently moved in to a home in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He lives right next door to his ex-wife, which was guaranteed to be awkward.

He chose to embrace his surroundings, however, by erecting a giant bronze statue on his deck as a tribute to his former spouse and her new boyfriend.

The statue, naturally, is of an enormous middle finger pointed at her place.

This went public thanks to Lenka Tuohy, the daughter of Markovitz's ex.

"[I]t's hard for me to enjoy my baths now because my fav tub is in my moms bathroom which faces out towards tif and alans house," Tuohy wrote on Twitter.

Markovitz, reports say, is a strip club owner and author of Topless Prophet: The True Story of America’s Most Successful Gentleman’s Club Entrepreneur.

He could add And Vengeful Statue Erector to that already long title, although Alan allegedly says his beef is not with his ex, but with her new lover.

Detroit sources report that Markovitz never meant to make headlines, but believes his ex-wife had an affair with the man she's now cohabiting with.

"I'm so over her," Markovitz is quoted as saying by Deadline Detroit.

"This is about him. This is about him not being a man."

Check out a large-scale image of the bronze eff-you below. Talk about going all out. Guy is even blocking his own sweet lake views just to do this ...

Middle Finger Statue Photo

Middle finger statue: Awesome or awful?

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