Lululemon Founder Blames Women's Thighs For Problems With Yoga Pants

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Having trouble with your Lululemon yoga pants? Your thighs might be the problem. At least according to the brand's founder, Chip Wilson, in an interview with Bloomberg television. 

Even his wife gave him the side-eye for his douchey statements, and when your wife gives you the side-eye on national television, you know it's bad, right?

We don't need to hear her thoughts to see the good ol' "WTF" happening inside her brain.

This guy clearly studied at the Abercrombie & Fitch School of Customer Alienation. The company came under fire as recently as August for shunning their "plus-sized" customers. You know, the customers who wear sizes 10 and 12, which are the largest sizes the company offers at all.

(Newsflash: The average dress size of American women is a size 14. Average. Meaning middle. High school math class called. You failed, Chip Wilson.)

"Frankly, some women's bodies just don't work for it," Wilson said of the fabric used to create these now-overpriced yoga pants. His comments come after customer complaints about the pilling and tearing at the inner-thigh seams wearers are experiencing after normal use. 

He blamed women's thighs for the issues saying "it's about the rubbing of the thighs and how much pressure is there." Sure it is, Wilson. Sure it is.

It can't be that you're using inferior products and claiming that they're still the same Lululemon yoga pants that women everywhere claim to love, can it? 

The company is still on the lookout for a new CEO. 

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