Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian: In Kouples Kounseling?

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Lamar Odom cannot rebound for a professional basketball team at the moment, as his off-court issues have made the star a pariah in the NBA.

But all this free time is giving Lamar time to rebound on a personal level, as sources confirm to Us Weekly that he and Khloe Kardashian have entered couples counseling.

“It was very emotional; they spoke about all of their issues,” an insider says of what Khloe and Lamar recently told a therapist, adding of the former:

She "still loves and cares about him, but healing will take a long time.”

A recent report had claimed that Khloe was selling the mansion she shared with Lamar and that she is seeking a "fresh start" away from her estranged husband... but Kardashian scoffed at that allegation on Twitter.

She is yet to comment on divorce rumors, though an insider claims her split from Odom will be featured on Season 9 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Still, Odom remains hopeful.

Friends say he is "doing much better" and has "gained 20 pounds" since the summer.

He supposedly attended Kris Jenner's 58th birthday party this month and was "arm in arm" with Khloe the entire time.

But witnesses also say Lamar got totally bombed during a Halloween party in West Hollywood a couple weeks ago and that the incident was a sad wake-up call for his wife.

“They had mutual friends at the party, and several people told Khloe he was wasted," the tabloid writes. "Lamar isn’t on a path to sobriety, and Khloe was living in a fantasy world thinking he could.”

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