Kieffer Delp Arrested on Halloween, Jenelle Evans LOLs at Ex

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Teen Mom 2 miscreant Kieffer Delp was arrested on Halloween night, according to reports, coming as a complete and utter shock to former lover Jenelle Evans.


Jenelle's maligned ex was booked on breaking and entering charges and two counts of driving with a revoked license. He is being held on $3,100 bond.

He’s been held on a $3,100 bond at the Brunswick County Jail.

Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp Photos

The arrest didn’t come as a shock to Evans. “I’m not surprised. LOL!” she said of Kieffer's arrest, which landed him in the same jail as Courtland Rogers.

Courtland, who is being held at Brunswick County Jail for up to nine months after failing a drug test, is technically still married to Jenelle Evans. Awesome.

Rogers already spent time behind bars earlier this year after getting arrested for assault and heroin, along with Jenelle (who had the charges reduced).

Kieffer Delp has a very, very long rap sheet as well, previously arrested for stealing steaks. Evans blames him for getting her hooked on heroin, also.

Rogers, back when he and Jenelle were on good terms, lashed out at Delp last winter over that very topic, saying "she almost died cuz of u dumbass."

Takes one to know one?

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