Kerri Mascareno, Breast Cancer Patient, Banned From Daughter's School Because of Body Odor

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If this morning's Ellen DeGeneres story made your heart soar, this one about Kerri Mascareno, a New Mexico mother and breast cancer patient, might make your blood boil.

Strong body odor can be a symptom of breast cancer and Kerri Mascareno claims her daughter's principal has an issue with hers. Mascareno says she was banned from entering her daughter's school because of the unpleasant body odor she's currently experiencing as a result of her chemotherapy treatments. 

You know, the treatments she's undergoing that will hopefully save her life.

Tierra Antigua Elementary School principal Robert Abney allegedly told Mascareno that she could no longer enter her daughter's school because her strong odor was overpowering. 

She also states she was told that she could only participate in the school's family Thanksgiving lunch if she and her daughter agreed to eat in an office and away from the rest of the school because her smell made Abney's employees ill.

Executive director of communications for Albuquerque Public Schools Monica Armenta, told the Huffington Post that Mascareno's claims were untrue. 

"Never at any time was Ms. Mascareno banned from the school, at no time was she ever told she wouldn't be welcome to join her daughter for [Thanksgiving] lunch."

After some prodding, Armenta's tune changed slightly, and she admits that Abney did write a letter to the mother explaining that the school would be happy to provide Mascareno and her daughter with alternate dining accommodations. Abney later wrote back and told Mascareno she was "absolutely welcome" to attend the school's lunch. 

Mascareno hasn't yet decided if she'll be attending what might be her last Thanksgiving lunch at her daughter's school.