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This jumping cat in Japan has taken the Internet by storm, and it’s not hard to see why. One look at is unreal vertical leap shows that he’s just … unreal.

Not only does Nya-Suke leap what has to be six feet off the ground without a running start, he has the shot-blocking form. NBA scouts, are you watching?


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Nya-Suke, better known as “Jumping Cat,” has been making waves on YouTube for a year, but is going viral this week thanks to Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft.

“Have you seen this guy jump? Holy smoke, he’s incredible,” Ashcraft wrote, stating the obvious while describing just how exceptional this little fella is.

While “the average cat can jump about five times their height, which is typically about 150 cm or 4.9 feet,” Nya-Suke can jump as high as 196 cm, or 6.4 feet.

He can do more than that, too. His skill set may also make NFL scouts salivate. Watch him catch a ball in mid-air like a pro wide receiver below …


And just for good measure, here’s another angle showing off his dexterity and coordination as he makes a two-hand grab, then lands on his feet.

Okay, he didn’t hang on, but still. That’s what practice is for. Give him some reps to work out the kinks and he’ll be in mid-season form before long.