Jimmy Kimmel Pulls AMAZING Christmas-Themed Prank on John Krasinski

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Jimmy Kimmel has struck again.

The talk show host - who totally fooled up with his epic Twerking prank and who inspired countless parents to fool their kids with this great Halloween prank - set his sights this week on neighbor John Krasinski.

As revenge for a Christmas-themed prank the Office star and wife Emily Blunt pulled on him a few years ago, Kimmel teamed with HP to send eight trucks filled with decorations to the actor's house.

When Krasinsky was away at work, a 15-person crew filled the the property with bows… and lights… and toy soldier statues… and snowflakes… and ornaments. They also covered every inch of the house in wrapping paper.

And we haven't even mentioned the Christmas carolers yet! Watch Krasinski's reaction to this impressive effort now:

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