Esther Schmucker Assaulted, Imir Williams Arrested in Attack on Amish Mafia Star

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Police have arrested the rapper boyfriend of Amish Mafia star Esther Schmucker, who allegedly brutalized his actress girlfriend in an attack on Halloween.

Imir Williams is accused of breaking her nose, teeth and cheekbones.

Schmucker, who stars in the Discovery Channel TV documentary-drama, has previously filed at least three restraining orders against her boyfriend.

Williams, who also goes by the stage name Mirkat and is from Strasburg, Pa., allegedly attacked her around 1 or 2 a.m. on Thursday of last week.

Police were alerted to the incident by hospital officials after Shmucker arrived for treatment for a broken nose, a facial fracture and numerous broken teeth.

Shmucker was reluctant to discuss what had happened with the medical staff, initially saying that her attacker was female, according to Lancaster Online.

She then went into Strasburg police station three days later and officially reported the brutal assault, and pointed the finger at her significant other.

Schmucker told officers she was afraid to tell medical personnel who had beaten her because Williams stayed with her as she was being treated.

He allegedly waited there for three days so she wouldn't out him.

Candice Klase, a roommate of Schmucker, has provided a written statement to police, saying that Williams wouldn't leave Schmucker's side.

It was "like he was guarding her," she said. "She was in fear... to tell the nurse that Williams was the person that did it," police wrote in a court affidavit.

In the PFA petitions filed this summer, Schmucker maintains Williams sexually assaulted her, beat her and threatened to kill her several times.

"He told me he will chop me into pieces and throw me in the garbage can," she wrote in one particularly chilling petition regarding her boyfriend.

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