Genevieve Sabourin: GUILTY of Stalking Alec Baldwin

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Genevieve Sabourin has been convicted of stalking Alec Baldwin.

The woman with a pathological obsession for the star, who was jailed and held in contempt a day earlier, broke down in tears and sobbed in court.

Sabourin was on trial for five counts of stalking and harassment after years of proclaiming her love for Alec in scores of emails and text messages.

She was arrested after showing up at his New York apartment building in April 2012, an event that was documented by this surveillance video:

Genevieve Sabourin made blatant outbursts during the trial, including claims she slept with Baldwin, which he denied while testifying under oath.

In addition to being found guilty (she will be sentenced later), she will serve 30 days for contempt because of her outbursts during the proceedings.

The nail in the coffin was the video, released for the first time, of Sabourin walking around inside the lobby of Baldwin's NYC apartment building.

She was arrested outside the building shortly after. Sabourin is also accused of showing up at Baldwin's home on Long Island a few days earlier.

Baldwin claims Sabourin was an acquaintance who became obsessed with him, inundating him for years with phone calls, text messages and emails.

Sabourin claims she and Akec had a sexual relationship, and her repeated messages to him were merely an attempt to give closure to a romance.

Clearly, we know where the court stands.

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