Francesca Eastwood Marries Jonah Hill's Brother, Seeks Annulment Immediately

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Francesca Eastwood and Jonah Hill's brother Jordan Fedelstein got married in Vegas a week ago Sunday, but it's not likely to last. She wants an annulment.

The quickie nuptials will be over as quickly as you can say Britney Spears and Jason Alexander ... okay, that remains the gold standard at 55 hours.

Nevertheless, Francesca and Jordan aren't likely to make it to week three of their marriage, which was drunkenly sealed in a cheesy Vegas chapel.

An Elvis impersonator even officiated the duo's wedding. Awesome.

The regrets were immediate and significant. The day after the nuptials, she wasn't wearing a wedding ring. Or a smile. What happens in Vegas ...

TMZ reports that she's already looking to have this thing annulled.

The marriage license, filed with the Clark County Recorder's Office, confirmed that Francesca Eastwood and Jordan Feldstein are wife and husband.

It's not clear if the two are even in a romantic relationship.

Whatever their status is, you have to wonder if Jonah's brother consummated the union with his interim bride. If so, that alone would be impressive.

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