Daughter Gives Father What She Believes To Be Health Drink, Kills Him

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Crystal meth, aka the foundation of Walter White's empire on Breaking Bad, isn't a regular drug in the UK. But thanks to the popular show, and a shocking death, the illicit substance is garnering attention.

Romano Dias, 55, took what a drink of what he believed to be fruit juice and was dead within minutes. Dias' daughter, Katee, thought the beverage she found in a package not addressed to her which arrived at their home to be a health drink.

There's a reason it's a Federal offense to mess with other people's mail. A serious and deadly reason.

Bryan Cranston on Breaking Bad

Katee arrived home one day to find a package on her doorstep. It wasn't addressed to her, but the street numbers were hers. Thinking there was a mixup and that a neighbor would come looking for it, she took the package inside. Six months later she opened it and eventually passed the contents on to her father.

The bottle was labeled a health drink, but it actually contained $55,000 worth of pure, liquid methamphetamine. Police believe the package was intended for a dealer as a way of introducing the substance into the UK. 

Dias drank half a glass, said it tasted "awful," and complained of his mouth and throat burning. He then said "I am in trouble. I am dying. I am dead." And then he was.

Investigators do not believe the Dias family are in any way related to the drugs. They are calling this "a completely unaccountable and unforeseen chain of events' and have ruled Dias' death accidental.

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