Candy Crush Saga Turns One Year Old, Distracts 500 Million People!

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Candy Crush Saga turns one year old today. In that time, it has been downloaded more than half a billion times and played more than 151 billion times.

That's about 200 times per download! If you're familiar with the mobile game, you're likely not surprised by those totals. You know you contribute to them.

Its combination of strategy, cool design, vibrant colors, and availability via Android and Windows phones and tablets has fueled the Candy Crush craze.

Still, its success is staggering. Why does Candy Crush Saga achieve so much, given its similarities to other time-consuming, mind-numbing distractions?

Tommy Palm, head developer at King, cites humanity's affinity for candy, color, and interesting shapes. The simpler things go a long way, apparently.

Additionally, constantly updated content keeps its users engaged and addicted. After starting with just one level last year, the game has 544 as of now.

When users know they can keep on playing, literally forever, there is zero impetus to put it down. Except drained batteries ... which are also improving!

Palm also cites social integration as a success factor, noting that 1 in 23 Facebook users "Like" the Candy Crush page, and many actively engage.

It's also free to download, which always sucks you in, even as it offers endless in-game upgrades and perks that require payment - and they get it.

Heavily addicted Candy Crush-ers are reportedly forking over hardcore for those perks. CNN Money lists the company's valuation around $5 billion.

While Palm admits that “all games have a natural lifespan,” foreshadowing that even the Candy Crush Saga sugar rush will subside ... not today.

Or tomorrow, or next month, or probably next year. It's just so addictive and sweet, don't you agree? How many levels have you made it to? Discuss!

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