Alec Baldwin: I've Been in Love With Men! (But I'm Still Not Gay)

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Not only Alec Baldwin support gay rights, he has been in love with men himself, he said at the Dreamforce tech conference in San Francisco this week.

In the wake of his recent homophobic slurs, the actor went out of his way to show that he's not anti-gay. On the contrary, in fact. He loves his lawyer.

At one point during the conference, Baldwin called out his attorney, Matt, who he told, in a joking manner, that "I love you. I love you in THAT WAY."

Baldwin then turned serious, saying "I've loved men in my life. There are some men I've loved in my life as much, if not more, than the women in my life."

"I don't have a sexual preference for men, but I've loved men. I've been in love with about 3 or 4 men ... as much, if not more, than any woman I've loved."

He then added, "I don't wanna have a sexual relationship with them."

Fair enough, Alec. Now we just gotta work on your rage issues ...

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