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Wade Robson’s recently-filed child molestation claims against the late Michael Jackson will be heard in court next June, or at least he’ll argue it should be.

That’s the initial step in the case. A trial date has been set to determine if the dancer will have a court hear his creditor’s claim against MJ’s estate or not.

Wade Robson on Alleged Michael Jackson Sexual Abuse

Wade Robson famously testified on behalf of Jackson in the singer’s 2005 trial, but is now saying the pop icon molested him for seven years as a kid.

The Estate is fighting 30-year-old Robson’s bid, on merit and on grounds that the deadline has long passed for creditors to file claims against the estate.

Robson, however, is claiming that he should have been served a notice of the administration of the estate when Michael Jackson died in June 2009.


The estate’s lawyers argue that they could not have anticipated Robson’s lawsuit, and that since MJ is not around to respond, it’s sort of a moot point:

“Any further investigation into the factual allegations of the Petition will necessarily be compromised considerably by the untimeliness of the allegations.”

Robson said he was brainwashed by Michael Jackson to keep quiet about the abuse that took place and to protect him on the stand, which he did.

Wade alleges that Jackson once suggested to him: “People are ignorant and would never understand that we love each other and this is how we show it.

"If anyone were to ever find out, OUR lives and careers would be over.”

The hearing has been set for June 2, 2014.