The Voice Recap: The Battles Are "Done"

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The final night of The Voice Season 5 battle round saw Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton pair off their few remaining contestants.

With Ed Sheeran, Ryan Tedder, Miguel and Cher joining in as guest mentors, who would emerge victorious and move on? Who would head home crushed?

Let's break down the final duels of the fall below ...

Olivia Henken vs. Stephanie Anne Johnson (Team Christina): “Done”

The Band Perry’s wordy track proved a challenge, but the two brought their best to this terrific battle, resulting in a split decision among the judges.

Green and Levine loved Johnson’s grit, while Shelton opted for Henken for powering the country song. Aguilera awarded Henken for her consistency.

Cee Lo them quickly swooped in and stole her rival.

WINNER: Olivia
STEAL: Stephanie by Cee Lo

Jonny Gray vs. Shawn Smith (Team Cee Lo): “Refugee”

The two military veterans faced off on a Tom Petty classic that challenged their rhythm and phrasing, but still fit both of their genres' natural sensibilities.

They did well, and it became a matter of preference more than a clear victory on talent, with the judges split down the middle. Cee Lo took Gray.


Barry Black and Preston Pohl (Team Adam): “I Wish It Would Rain”

Before this tandem effort, Levine cautioned that Black tended to hide behind his runs, while Pohl had to learn to control his rasp and improve his falsettos.

The creative musician Black pulled out his gimmick in the battle anyway, while Aguilera, Green and most importantly Levine praised Pohl’s soulful tone.

WINNER: Preston

There was also Team Blake's Holly Henry (winner) vs. Cilla Chan, Team Blake's Emily Randolph vs. Brandon Chase (winner), and Team Cee Lo's Tamara Chauniece (winner) vs. Keaira LaShae.

The Knockout Round, a sudden-death matchup where contestants choose their own songs, start next Monday. It's do-or-die once again on The Voice.

The coaches get one additional steal for this round, though, so that's a new twist. Who's your favorite singer so far? And who's got the best team?

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