The Vampire Diaries Recap: Damon, Destiny and Doppelgangers Galore

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Well... that was totally awesome and crazy, wasn't it?

On The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 3, viewers were introduced to Janina Gavankar as Qetsiyah, a self-described paranoid/controlling/crazy witch who resurfaced outside Mystic Falls to settle an ancient grudge with Silas.

What kind of grudge?

The kind where he pretends to be in love with you 2,000 years ago... just to convince you to make an immortality potion... only he steals that potion on your wedding day and takes it with his actual true love, who happens to be a doppleganger that looks just like Elena Gilbert.

So you create a cure for this immortality potion, feed it to the doppleganger, rip her heart out and trap Silas in a tomb with the cure in the hope that he'll take it and be dead once and for all.

You know. Basic scorned witch stuff.

The episode featured a great deal of confusing exposition, but it told an especially tight narrative. There was no Bonnie, no Jeremy, no Caroline, no visit at all to Whitmore.

Yes, it was hard to keep track of how Qetsiyah and Silas ended up here - there was a lot of talk of dopplegangers and Other Sides and curses and Travelers - but the important takeaway is this:

Both are after Katherine because her blood is The Cure. The chase is on!


  • Qetsiyah told Damon that destiny is against him. The universe wants the Stefan doppleganger to end up with the Elena doppleganger. Was this a load of BS? Is there any chance at all now for Delena?
  • Nadia only sort of killed Gregor last week. In actuality, she implanted his soul inside Matt and she can call on him whenever she wants and she's really working against Silas. This was as confusing as it sounds.
  • The episode ended with Stefan waking up, only to say he has no idea who Elena and Damon are.

But the hour was really all about Qetsiyah. What did you think of this new character?

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