The Jonas Brothers Delete Twitter Account: Is This the End?

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Have The Jonas Brothers danced their final dance? Sang their final tune? Caused their final fan to shriek?

A week after this group canceled its fall tour at the last minute, due to an admitted "rift within the band," Joe, Kevin and Nick have deleted their shared Twitter account.

It doesn't get much more telling than that.

It remains unclear just what problems are plaguing the band, but Mike Bayer - the CEO and founder of Cast Recovery Services - was spotted last week alongside Joe Jonas.

This sober coach is known for dealing with crisis-type situations, typically focusing on substance abuse.

But he was actually seen yesterday with Kevin Jonas as well, fueling speculation that he's simply helping all of the problems deal with whatever internal struggles are threatening to break the group up.

According to The Jonas Brothers spokesman, via an interview with People last week, "there was a big disagreement over music direction" and that is the reason why Nick, Kevin and Joe have backed out of their tour.

But just two days prior to it starting? The day after performing together in Minnesota? Something seems amiss.

We just hope each sibling is doing okay and we'll keep fans updated as news breaks.

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