PETA Pushes for Washington Redskins Logo Change

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Well played, PETA.

On the heels of Bob Costas re-igniting the debate over whether the name "Redskins" is an affront to Native Americans - the NBC broadcaster made his take on this slur clear Sunday might - PETA has come up with a solution:

Do not change the name of this veteran football team.

Change its logo... to that of the redskin potato!

Says PETA in a statement regarding this controversy:

“When you hear the word ‘redskin,’ what do you immediately think of? Potatoes, of course! And who could be offended by a harmless redskin potato - except, maybe, for the Yukon Gold lobby (and if Alaska had a football team, rest assured that we'd be the first to suggest the Yukon Gold Diggers as a franchise name)."

PETA notes that potatoes are the most popular vegetable in the country and are “loaded with nutrients, including iron, potassium, vitamin C, fiber, and even protein, and red potatoes in particular are high in antioxidants. (Take that, Cheeseheads.)”

We must admit: this idea isn't half-baked. It's far better than Z-listers posing nude for PETA in the hope that will somehow cause folks to stop eating meat.

What do you think of this debate overall? Should the Redskins change their name?

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