Mother of Seven in Her 40s: Pregnant With 13 More Babies!

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If the following report is true, Octomom has met her match. An Iraqi woman in her 40s, who is already the mother of seven, is expecting 13 more babies.

Yes, she's pregnant with 13 babies. Six sets of twins plus one. A baker's dozen of buns in the proverbial oven. Thirteen fertilized eggs inside her, people!

Positive Preg. Test

The unnamed mom of seven is said to be in her early 40s. Octomom Nadya Suleman, for comparison, was in her mid-30s when she birthed children 7-14.

The woman's husband, Fadhil Al Azawi, a farmer from central Iraq's Salahuddin province, said medical tests and images clearly show(ed) 13 fetuses.

He said he married another woman in 2012 after his wife failed to get pregnant in the previous five years, adding that he is now both elated and worried.

Now that she is, however, he's trying to wrap his head around that revelation.

“I am very happy about my wife’s new pregnancy but at the same time I am worried about how to look after her to preserve this heavenly gift,” he said.

“The news that my wife is pregnant with 13 infants was a big surprise."

NOTE: Has a greater understatement ever been spoken on this planet?

The dad-to-be adds that the joyous news is also kind of overwhelming:

"I am now trying to arrange special care for her as her delivery will perhaps allow me to become the world’s only father of such a big number of twins.”

Details are scarce, but according to one report, four of the babies may have already died in utero, and the other nine are obviously high risk as well.

There are no details on how, exactly, she managed to conceive so many.

It seems very unlikely that 13 embryos would be implanted via IVF, which leads some observers to believe she got pregnant with all of them naturally.

Or, it's possible that seven eggs were implanted via IVF and six of them split after fertilization, another unlikely but slightly more plausible scenario.

Either way, it's enough to make your head spin, isn't it?

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