Ronan Farrow: Fathered by Frank Sinatra?!?

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There's a new Britney Spears video out. And Kate Upton is covering the new issue of Sports Illustrated for some reason.

But 68-year old Mia Farrow has managed to steal some headlines from these modern day beauties via an interview with Vanity Fair.

In the new issue of that publication, Farrow shocks readers by saying legendary singer Frank Sinatra could "possibly" be the father of her 25-year old son, Ronan.

For years, it was presumed that Ronan was sired by Mia's ex, Woody Allen.

Farrow and Sinatra were married from 1966 to 1968 and were also linked romantically for a few years after filing for divorce.

So the timing could work out, even if Farrow was involved with Allen when Ronan was born.

Allen and Farrow broke up in 1992 after nearly 12 years of dating, but never got married. No DNA test has ever been run on Ronan, with the press simply assuming he belonged to Woody.

Ronan does have blue eyes, just like Sinatra (who was literally known as "Old Blue Eyes"), while daughter Nancy Sinatra openly admits that she and her siblings are "blessed to have [Ronan] in our lives."

In the same Vanity Fair issue, meanwhile, Mia's daughter Dylan accuses Woody Allen of molestation.

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