Man Calls in Bomb Threat After Forgetting to Book Wedding Venue

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On the list of things that will land you in a world of trouble with your would-be wife, forgetting to book the venue for your wedding is pretty high up there.

So you can imagine how Neil McArdle felt when he realized he'd forgotten to reserve St. George’s Hall for his nuptials to Amy Williams until the day of.

What you probably can't imagine is that McArdle staged a bomb threat instead of coming clean, later admitting he was just too embarrassed to confess.

He saw her in her wedding gown that morning, the UK resident recalls, and could not bring himself to admit that he screwed up. So he phoned in a hoax:

An investigation led to his arrest, so he's apparently about as bad at crime as he is at wedding planning. Neil was given a prison sentence of a YEAR.

The Guardian says the couple is still together, miraculously, so hopefully he finds some time behind bars to properly plan their wedding, when and if it occurs.

On second thought, just hire a wedding planner dude.