Lobbyists Lobbying to Drop "Lobbyists" From Association Name

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The Washington association that lobbies for lobbyists feels the group needs some rebranding and wants to change its name to nix the word “lobbyists.”

The leaders of the American League of Lobbyists say their work has evolved, and members do lots more than troll Congress to try to shape legislation.

They’re into grassroots organizing and public affairs, they say and other sorts of politics and advocacy. In short, they’re not simply lobbyists anymore!


But as professionals, they know that reputation matters, and theirs stinks (see above). They poll only slightly better than U.S. Congress these days.

“Everybody has a misconception that lobbyists are walking around with a pocketful of cash and that’s it,” said Monte Ward, the group’s president.

Ward says, “The new brand will seek to fully represent the broad range of responsibilities that a government relations professional practices daily.”

They narrowed the new name down to The Association of Government Relations Professionals or The National Association of Government Relations Professionals.

Edgy stuff, we know. The board of directors had some tense discussions, and there were a few early October focus groups to test the waters on this.

On Monday, the board finalized its decision. Ward will ask members to approve the switch to the Association of Government Relations Professionals.

The board also approved a new tag-line: “Voice of the Lobbying, Public Policy, and Advocacy Professions. Members will have 30 days to vote.

The group’s bylaws require two-thirds approval before the name can be changed, but we're guessing this lobbying effort will be nearly unanimous.

Congress may want to follow suit if the shutdown ever ends.

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