Lisa Irwin Found? Parents Say Mystery Roma Gypsy Girl May Be Missing Kansas City Child

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The mystery girl named "Maria" who was found in a Roma gypsy camp in Greece last week has sparked an international search for the child's real parents.

Two parents hoping for a miracle are Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, whose daughter, Lisa Irwin, disappeared from her bedroom in Kansas City in 2011.

Lisa was abducted she was 11 months old. Like Maria, she was fair-skinned with blonde hair and blue eyes. Officials are taking her parents' claim seriously.

Maria's beautiful, haunted face has sparked hope in more than just Deborah and Jeremy, however. Police say there are at least eight leads being pursued.

The age gap is also an issue for the Irwins. She would be turning three next month, while the mystery girl in Greece is believed to be at least four.

No one knows who she is, of course, hence the international hunt.

Amanda Berry, Jaycee Duggard and Elizabeth Smart are just a few examples of abductions that strong young women have survived to tell about.

The ray of hope, while slim, is understandable for all the parents.

Jeremy and Deborah believe Maria resembles the girl that a sketch artist drew depicting what Lisa might look like now (above) and with good reason.

Reports say that Maria may have been used as a "dancing monkey" by her fake parents, Hristos Salis and Eleftheria Dimopoulou, to make money.

She was found during an unrelated drug raid after officials noticed she bore no resemblance to her alleged parents, which a DNA test later confirmed.