Mystery Girl Found in Greece; Child Trafficking Suspected as Police Search For Parents

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A four-year old girl going by the name Maria, with blond hair and blue eyes, was found in a Roma, Greece in a case that has gained international attention.

Officials raided the area looking for drugs and weapons but an astute prosecutor, along for the raid, noticed Maria's head poking out from under some sheets.

The prosecutor became suspicious because the girl looked nothing like her "parents" and DNA tests later confirmed she was not. So where did she come from?

There is an international search taking place to establish exactly that. Over 8,000 calls have already been placed to the charity whose care she is now under.

Incredibly, the duo registered 14 children in three different Greek regions. In the area where Maria was found, authorities only found two other girls and one boy.

That means there are 10 children unaccounted for. The couple claims they have not kidnapped anyone, they can't seem to keep their stories straight either.

Based on paperwork found with the couple, the mother would have had to have given birth to six children within a 10-month period. Something is amiss.

Police suspect child-trafficking after DNA testing "showed that there was not any genetic compatibility" between the girl and her "parents" after her rescue.

The two people posing as Maria's parents have been arrested and face charges of abducting a minor, as well as counts of falsifying identity documents.

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