Lena Dunham to Instagram: Get Down With the Nipple!

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Girls star and creator Lena Dunham wants Instagram to "get down with the nipple." In other words, quit censoring/blocking breastfeeding photos.

Breastfeeding Instagram

She kept friend and new mom Sarah Sophie Flicker's breast covered up with a tasteful daisy to abide by Instagram's no nudity rules, but not by choice.

Dunham made it clear that she didn't like having to do it.

"My @sarahsophief feeding the brand new Dusty. I made the flower crown and she added the flower censor. Wish she didn't have to cuz the nipple is dope," she wrote.

"Instagram, get down with the nipple."

Flicker, a performer and director with The Citizens Band, shared the photo on her own feed with a similar sentiment: "Found the best breast feeding get up."

"@lindseythornburg dress. Crown & photo by the talented @lenadunham. Flower censor by me due to instagram's super lame blocking of the breast feeding ladies."

Instagram community standards do indeed say nudity is grounds for removal, but the photo sharing site claims that breastfeeding photos are allowed.

In June, after online breastfeeding community The Leaky Boob's account was suspended, they actually apologized for what they called an error.

"When our team processes reports, we occasionally make a mistake," a representative said, though it happens enough that many moms are frustrated.

Activists seeking to normalize breastfeeding in public and online have become increasingly frustrated with social media platforms removing such images.

Jessica Martin-Weber who runs The Leaky Boob, started a Facebook group called "Instagram, stop discriminating against breastfeeding mothers and babies."

Fans of Amy Woodruff (also known as Naked Yoga Breastfeeding Mom) started a #savedaughterofthesun campaign after her account was disabled.

Ashlee Wells Jackson created the viral "4th Trimester Bodies Project" highlighting what real moms' bodies look like after childbirth called for changes.

Her Instagram account was deactivated, and she was blocked from posting photos on Facebook for 30 days, so she created a petition on Change.org.

Dunham, as her fans know, is a fan of nakedness. Now she's lending her support for others' right to show just a little bit online for a good cause.

Do you think Facebook, Instagram and other social media services should ease policies for breastfeeding photos? Share your comments below!

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