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The image of a mom breastfeeding while practicing yoga naked went viral awhile back. Now, the subject of that photo, Amy, is speaking out in its defense.

Amy tells BabyCenter that the photo was not staged, like many thought it was. She really does do this regularly, and unapologetically at that:

“The truth is we were living on a small community in Hawaii where our land was clothing optional and yoga was/is a necessity!” Amy said.

“I was just doin’ my daily flow when the little sweet pea came to sneak a suckle.”

Amy said she chose a “simple life” in her 20s, focusing on what she believes are core values and traveling with minimal commitments.


She still lives in Hawaii with daughter, Naia, and her partner, but says that the family will soon move to New Zealand for six months.

On her blog, Daughter of the Sun, Amy writes that yoga has been a very important part of her lifestyle and her daughter now loves practicing it, too.

She also clarifies that her family is not just a bunch of “hippies,” a word that Amy finds outdated, negative and not fit to describe her lifestyle:

“I understand our family is not the stereotypical ideal,” she said.

Amy notes, however, that while “we might look different to the mainstream world, the closeness and love we share is beyond ideal.”

Naked Yoga Mom Breastfeeding