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Congrats are in order for Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. The longtime couple finally tied the knot Thursday at the Beverly Hills County Clerk’s Office.

The parents of a seven-month-old daughter, Lincoln, exchanged wedding vows in a simple ceremony, after being engaged for nearly four years.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard went to the office simply obtain a marriage license, but took up a court employee’s offer to marry them in a nearby courtroom.

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Despite the fact that it was a no-frills legal proceeding, Bell shed tears.

It’s not clear when or where they had originally planned to get married, or if those plans still exist. But it’s all semantics now after they made it official!


The couple once vowed they would not tie the knot, despite their long-term relationship, until same-sex marriage bans were overturned nationwide.

They didn’t wait quite that long, but when the Supreme Court struck down DOMA and upheld a ruling overturning Prop 8, that was a key point.

Once Prop 8 was tossed for good, Bell re-proposed to Shepard, who responded on Twitter, “Let’s bring my big, gay marriage to [Kristen] to Life!!!”

And so they have. So congratulations to the Parenthood actor, 38, and star of the upcoming Veronica Mars movie, 32, on finally getting married!