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It may have been sexy, but it was anything but spontaneous.

When Kim Kardashian posted a sexy selfie of herself to Instagram last week, it wasn’t a split-second decision made to turn on Kanye West and introduce the online community to her newly-slim post-baby body.

According to at least one source, it was a carefully choreographed PR move on which Kanye had a great deal of input.

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“Kim was dying to get her picture in a bathing suit,” an insider tells Life & Style, explaining that Kardashian was anxious to show off her weight loss.


West, of course, values his privacy a lot more than his girlfriend, so the two came up with a plan that appeared to be spur of the moment and casual… yet was actually the result of some Kimye collaboration.

“She took so many pictures and deleted them before her and Kanye decided on the one she posted,” says the tabloid source. “He had the ultimate say about Kim putting up the picture and decided which one he liked best.”

Kanye famously responded to the image by linking to it on Twitter and writing “HEADING HOME NOW.”

The two likely had sex that night.

Meanwhile, Kardashian is under fire for the pose, with many followers lashing out and saying it’s inappropriate for a mother to flaunt herself in public in such brazen fashion.

Check out the photo again and decide: Do you agree? Kim releasing a seductive selfie at this point in her life is…