Keeping Up with the Kardashians Rekap: Paparazzi vs. Pregnancy

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Late last week, following the news that he was separated from Kris Jenner, Bruce Jenner cursed off a cameraman.

But E! viewers learned last night that this wasn't the first time the reality star went off on the process, as he laid into some paparazzi on the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians... Kanye style!

From Bruce's temper to Kim's ridiculous pregnancy preparation, let's break down the latest installment in out patented THG +/- system, shall we?

With her due date a month away, Kim hires a "glam square" to make sure she's beautiful in the deliver room. MINUS 37 for having her priorities slightly askew.

But PLUS 12 to Kourtney for telling her sister that she's being "unrealistic" about how labor works, also giving her a compliment: “Do you know how pretty you are with no makeup on?”

The rest of the family, meanwhile, feared press reaction to the eventual birth, with Kylie Jenner scared to get her license because her car looks exactly like Kim's. MINUS 10 for the ultimate White Person Problem.

With photographers closing in all around, Bruce then went off. “F-ck you buddy, quit following my family, you hear me, you f-cking asshole," he screamed a a paparazzo. "I’m not gonna calm down… Get a life!”

PLUS 19 because, come on. Awesome stuff.

Khloe nearly got hit by a reporter's car and asked her attorney if she could file charges, to which the lawyer replied: "It could turn ugly as far as publicity goes. That’s just the hard, naked truth of it."

PLUS 7 to this lawyer because he had to be thinking of the Kim Kardashian sex tape when he chose that word, didn't he?

Khloe compared Kim to Princess Diana. MINUS 98.

Kim tried to blow off some steam via Yoga, but the paparazzi were once again on her tail, a problem that also ensued when she returned home to hang out with best friend Jonathan Cheban.

"For the most part I deal with it because it’s a part of the business,” Kim said of the media attention. “But now that I’m pregnant, I don’t need to go through with it willingly.”

PLUS 13 because she's sort of right and seems to finally be realizing that her publicity-loving ways do have consequences.

But then Kim was faced with something to truly be scared off: at a doctor's appointment, she was told the baby's head was lower than usual considering her due date and that it could result in early labor.

Fortunately, there was an easy distraction at hand: Kim, Khloe and Kourtney wanted to set up their grandmother on a date!

Khloe signed up Kris Jenner's mom to a senior dating site so she could find a "grandpa toy." MINUS 5 because… gross.

Mrs. Jenner was NOT pleased with the action of her grandkids, even after learning that the man they selected was a truck driver and not an "ax murderer," as she initially feared.

“I’m not interested,” she told them. “Oh my god. Never, never do that again.”

Finally, in the end, Kim decided to ditch her glam team (PLUS 9) ad told the camera: “I always envisioned I’d have this easy time being pregnant. It’s just been so not that for me." MINUS 17 for such self-centered cluelessness.


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