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Justin Bieber has been involved in another nightclub altercation.

A few months after the singer was accused of orchestrating a beatdown outside an establishment in The Hamptons, a DJ named Michael Woods claims the singer “muscled” his way into his booth on Thursday night.

According to Woods, there was a disagreement over the music being played and he responded by telling Justin to “f-ck off and put some clothes on.”

Justin & Hailey at the Met Gala

He then alleges that Bieber punched the DJ’s manager.


HOWEVER, the host of this party says Woods is greatly exaggerating.

He tells TMZ some words were exchanged between Bieber and the DJ, but no punches were thrown. He also says Justin then got a chance to spin inside the booth himself after Woods completed his set.

Bieber has also been accused in the past of spitting in a DJ’s face in Ohio.

It doesn’t sound like this is too crazy of a scandal for the young artist, but is it really what he needs right now? Will it harm his chances of wooing back Selena Gomez?