Jennifer Aniston's Brother to Serve as Justin Theroux's Best Man?

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Jennifer Aniston wants her younger brother, Alex, to serve as best man in her upcoming wedding to Justin Theroux, according to a new report.

Aniston, who wants a low-key ceremony at the Bel Air mansion she shares with Theroux, wants Alex, often called AJ, to serve as Theroux's best man.

Fortunately, her fiance is on board.

"Justin feels that having AJ as best man at the wedding will give him an anchor in the family," a family insider said. "There's no doubt that AJ is quirky."

"He's got a good heart, though, and Jen does love him."

The "quirky" AJ is known as something of a punk and a free spirit, with numerous tattoos and a penchant for drifting between Alaska and L.A. in his van.

"AJ is exactly the kind of person that security would throw out of Jen's wedding," the source said. "Instead, he'll be front and center at the ceremony."

Jennifer Aniston reportedly wants to keep the wedding to Justin Theroux as small and intimate as possible, since she "hated" her wedding to Brad Pitt.

"It was too big and incredibly stressful," the insider said.

"This time she wants a small family affair and wants to go the extra mile to let her father see that she is happy. And she knows that including his son would make him happiest."

When will the wedding take place? Is any of this true?

All we can do is stay tuned, celebrity gossip fans.

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