Glee Recap: The Quarterback

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After news broke this summer that Cory Monteith had diedGlee fans began to wonder just how the show would go on in his absence.

RIP, Cory Monteith

Tonight, Glee paid tribute to the late star and his character in what might be one of the most emotional episodes of television we've seen in quite a long time. Here's a recap of the tragic action:

  • The episode takes place three weeks after Finn Hudson's funeral as the glee club gathers to say their own goodbyes. There was no mention of how Finn Hudson died, only that he had. 
  • In true Glee fashion, characters paid tribute to Finn in song. Amber Riley's vocals are sorely missed around the McKinley choir room.
  • Tina still can't get a reasonably story line. 
  • Burt and Carole were heartbreaking. (It was all heartbreaking.)
  • Without Finn around to tell him he's a good person, Puck has decided to join the Air Force. Santana plans never to return to McKinley. 
  • Considering the circumstances, everyone in the cast was amazing, especially Lea Michele as Rachel.

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