Eiza Gonzalez Covers GQ Mexico: Muy Caliente!

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We haven't heard much from Eiza Gonzalez over the past few weeks.

After being outed this summer as the first post-Miley Cyrus girlfriend for Liam Hemsworth, this Mexican actress seemingly fell off the radar, going quiet and refusing to comment on her love life.

But now we may know why: she was waiting to make an impression on the new cover of GQ Mexico. And consider that impression made. Big time!

Eiza Gonzalez GQ Cover

Gonzalez posted an Instagram photo of the cover yesterday wished the publication a happy seven-year anniversary in the process, writing:

"Helloooo!!! @GQMexico portada Noviembre de Aniversario Felices 7 años!!!"

This is the first we've heard from Eiza since a series of confusing, mysterious online messages two weeks ago… that were maybe a reference to Hemsworth?

"I am like a book," Gonzalez wrote. "Apparently a boring one. Easy to throw away. You don't know if it's there or not but once you open it, you notice, for each page, that I hide a secret, that I am not like you thought and that I much better than the people who are trying to tear me down."

Uh-oh. Might there be trouble with Liam?

Sources have said Gonzalez is totally in love with The Hunger Games stud.

Added Gonzalez on Instagram this month: "I have magic, I have imagination, I am full of inspiration and full of 'acertijos' that I am a mystery but you don't know because I am one of these books nobody reads."

Well... at least that won't be the case for this issue of GQ.

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