Duck Dynasty Beards: Contractually Mandated at That Length!

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The men of Duck Dynasty are contractually obligated to keep their beards at a certain length, according to beardless brother Alan in a new interview.

Alan, a minister who appeared on the show for the first time in the Duck Dynasty Season 4 premiere to "marry" Phil and Miss Kay, shed light on the subject.

The family tradition is to grow them out during hunting season, he said, but they became the show's signature, so now they must be maintained year-round.

"We all used to shave them off, but now of course since they're such big stars, the beards are in their contracts," he said. "They have to keep them a certain length."

Yes ... it's contractual, NYC facial profiling be damned.

Regarding his rare appearance on the show, the older brother of Jep, Jase and Willie Robertson told Good Day LA that the show helpedĀ  spread the word of his ministry.

Alan says he also loved working with his beloved Louisiana family, too.

"They were having so much fun and they're together," he says.

"I was missing these guys, they were always together for family dinner scenes and I doing my work at the church and seeing less and less of them."

Here's hoping for a Season 5 Alan cameo!

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