Drake Cancels Concert Over Safety Concerns

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Drake canceled his show the other night in Philadelphia just before it was set to begin, and reportedly the cause was serious fan safety concerns.

Drake's camp was vague as to why he pulled the plug at the last minute, saying it was due to "unexpected technical issues." That's putting it mildly.

Apparently Drake was scared that the catwalk that loomed over the stage would fall into the crowd due to an electrical problem that could be severe.

The catwalk, on which the rapper walks back and forth as he raps, is a big part of the show, and any failure could have tragic consequences for fans.

The concert arena was filled with fans who waited for an hour when the plug was pulled and they were sent home, so he must have been very worried.

According to TMZ, the problem is being fixed and tonight's show in Montreal will hopefully go on as planned. Either way, it's good that his head is on straight.

The star's career is on fire, but his "Would You Like a Tour?" tour has already had its ups and downs, between this and firing Future as opening act.

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