Dr. Conrad Murray: I'm VINDICATED By Wrongful Death Verdict!

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Dr. Conrad Murray somehow believes he's been vindicated by the ruling in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial, which only proves how delusional he is.

Murray is adamant that the verdict in the trial absolves him of any wrongdoing, despite the fact that he was already on trial for manslaughter and lost.

Minor detail, Conrad.

A jury sided with concert promoter AEG Live in the billion-dollar suit brought by Jackson's family, which alleged that the company was liable for his death.

The jurors concluded, after five months of testimony, that Dr. Conrad Murray seemed competent when AEG hired him as MJ's physician. That was the key.

Whatever went on between Murray and Jackson was their business alone from then on out, and his ethical failings could not be pinned on AEG.

That doesn't mean Murray had no ethical failings, of course - he is doing time for involuntary manslaughter - just that the company wasn't responsible.

Murray's missing the entire point. The Michael Jackson wrongful death trial verdict only implies Murray was fit for what AEG hired him to do in their eyes.

Murray giving Jackson a lethal dose of Propofol was never relevant to the questions the jury was asked to answer. It had no bearing on the outcome.

Just the same, clueless Conrad thanks GOD for the trial’s outcome and insists it has vindicated him as a doctor, according to a recording on TMZ.

He said in the recording, and also on Today, “I just want to praise you Lord."

"Today you have vindicated my image… I have never been and never will be an inept physician. This has always been a frivolous and unjust lawsuit."

"This time there is justice. This time the jury got it right. Thank you Lord.”

The jury also got it right when they convicted you, doc. Just saying.

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