Dina Manzo Confirms Return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey

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Yup. She's on her way back.

Following weeks of rumors, including the insinuation that she insisted on Jacqueline Laurita being fired, Dina Manzo has confirmed: she is on her way back to The Real Housewives of New Jersey and will be a regular on Season 6.

Dina Manzo on a Red Carpet

"Well, I guess the (hairless) cat's out of the bag," Manzo, Tweeted today, a reference to her feline Grandma Wrinkles. "Yes, I'm back. Unlike the past, this time it felt 'right.' See you on Bravo, my friends. xo."

Yes, Dina's return was undoubtedly due to how it felt and now how many Benjamins Bravo put in her bank account.

Dina departed The Real Housewives of New Jersey back in 2010, but chatter has been going strong about her return since estranged sister Carolina Manzo announced her exit this summer.

The series as a whole is undergoing a massive cast shakeup, with twin sisters Nicole and Teresa Napolitano coming on board along with their friend Amber Marchese.

Teresa Giudice, meanwhile, is doing all she can to also remain a part of the franchise. She really needs the money.

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