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Following the shocking news that Christian Grey will be recast in the forthcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie, will producers soon be looking for a new Ana as well?

Charlie Hunnam is out of the project before it even began, citing scheduling conflicts. It’s unclear what new conflicts could have arisen in the last month, however.

Unofficially, The Hollywood Reporter claims Charlie was actually intimidated by the amount of negative attention his casting received, and he got cold feet.

Whatever the reason, Hunnam’s exit leaves his would-be co-star, Dakota Johnson, on shaky ground, with some fans calling for her to be replaced too.

Dakota was a fresh face that Focus and Universal loved, but one of the biggest reasons she was cast was because of her chemistry with Charlie.


Fifty Shades of Grey is a love story (or mommy porn, depending who you ask), but either way, Christian Grey is the key figure to the studio and fans.

The fan base for the 50 Shades books/ film is primarily female, and may well have played a role – directly or indirectly – in Hunnam’s abrupt exit.

Will his replacement be tested for chemistry with Dakota? Or is she potentially at risk of being replaced based on their new leading man’s identity?

Vote in our polls below and tell us what you think of Charlie Hunnam’s exit and whether you think Dakota Johnson should stay on board the project:

Should Dakota Johnson also be replaced in Fifty Shades of Grey?

If so, who should star in her place as Anastasia Steele?

With Charlie Hunnam out, who should play Christian?