Craig Robinson Arrested for Drug Possession in the Bahamas

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Craig Robinson likely wishes he could use a hot tub time machine to change the last couple days of his life.

The former Office star, whose professional stock rose even higher this summer in This is the End, was arrested in the Bahamas yesterday after being caught trying to board a planeā€¦ with half a gram of weed and 18 ecstasy pills on his person.

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According to TMZ insiders, Robinson had been performing at a comedy show at the Atlantis hotel this week and subsequently pleaded guilty to a pair of drug possession charges in front of a local magistrate.

And it's a good thing, too:

Robinson avoided a possible prison sentence of four years by throwing himself on the mercy of the court, simply receiving a $1,000 fine and being ordered out of the country.

The actor - who said he had no idea these drugs were outlawed in the Bahamas - was also arrested for possession of MDMA and meth in 2008.

Those charges were dropped, though, after the funny man completed a drug diversion program.

There's no truth to the rumor that Miley Cyrus learned of this incident and immediately called Robinson to party.

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