Mom Delivers Baby in Car En Route to Hospital, Tries to Hide it So Husband Won't Freak

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While rushing to the hospital at 80 m.p.h., a Georgia mom delivered her baby in the front seat of the car, literally catching her inside the dress she had on.

She then tried to hide this fact so her husband, who was driving at breakneck speeds to the ER, wouldn't freak out and inadvertently wreck the car.

Katrena Leonard admits she probably waited a bit too long to head to the hospital and even scolding her newborn, "Kylie (the new baby's name), no!"

Her baby daughter, Leonard's third child, clearly had her own schedule as far as making a grand entrance into the world in the passenger seat.

Mom's wishes? Not high on Kylie's priority list.

As if delivering her own baby wasn't enough, she was so worried about her husband Terrance freaking out and wrecking the car that she panicked.

In the video above, she describes how she attempted to hide the fact that she'd just pushed out a baby from him as he kept driving, which is classic.

Pretty crazy in retrospect, but she did just birth a human being, after all. In the CAR. One can forgive Katrena a little bit of deliriousness, don't you agree?

When she did make it to the hospital, the staff didn't even believe she'd already given birth, and she had to convince them she was telling the truth.

Insane. In the same day, we learned that Kate Middleton has the most uneventful childbirth story of all time, while Katrena possibly has the craziest!

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