Victoria Carriger, Mother of Eight, Covers Kelly Clarkson on The X Factor

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Victoria Carriger is a mother of eight.

But somewhere in between parenting, the Missouri native found some time for voice lessons… because she blew The X Factor panel away last night with her cover of Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You."

"I thought that was extraordinary," Simon Cowell said simply, while Demi Lovato added: “It was very unique. I feel the pain in your voice, and I’m rooting for you.”

This audition was enough to move Carriger on to the Top 40.

Here is your look at those 40 contestants and how they have been divided up:

BOYS – Paulina Rubio
Carlito Olivero
Chase Goehring
Timmy Thames
Isaiah Alston
Tim Olstad
Al Calderon
Josh Levi
Isaac Tauaefa
Carlos Guevara
Stone Martin

GIRLS – Demi Lovato
Khaya Cohen
Bree Randall
Jamie Pineda
Simone Torres
Rion Paige
Danie Geimer
Rylie Brown
Primrose Martin
Ellona Santiago
Ashly Williams

OVER 25s – Kelly Rowland
Lillie McCloud
Jeff Brinkman
Rachel Potter
Kristine Mirelle
Victoria Carriger
James Kenney
Allison Davis
Denny Smith
Lorie Moore
Jeffrey Gutt

GROUPS – Simon Cowell
Good News
Yellow House Canyon
Alex & Sierra
Roxxy Montana
Andrew Scholz, Zach Beeken, Colton Pack put together in a male country group
Millie Thrasher, Summer Reign, Celine Polenghi put together in a girl group
Emery Kelly and brother duo put together in a boy band

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