Twerking Ban: Actually Passed By Louisiana Town?!

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Has Twerking actually been banned in a small town in Louisiana?

According to reports, the "dance" craze Miley Cyrus helped popularize has become a criminal offense in DeQuincy, punishable by fines and up to 30 days in jail.

And we thought the saggy pants ban (a real thing) was bad.

A criminal offense? Miley has a lot of haters, yes, but ... jail?!

While Twerking can get you suspended from school (see Scripps Ranch Twerk Team) or shamed by your parents (see above), that seems extreme, no?

Fortunately, the town itself has debunked the rumor as false.

The reports were merely an online hoax, and Louisiana residents are free to Twerk up a storm ... at least until someone sees this and tries to pass it for real.

For now, though, you're good. Twerk and Twerk some more.

DeQuincy Mayor Lawrence Henagan said this statement regarding the hoax: "[The rumored twerking ban is] a bunch of hogwash. There's nothing to it."

  1. Yes, he said "hogwash."
  2. Thank goodness.

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