The Blacklist Premiere: Grade It!

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Might NBC have - gulp! - an actual hit on its hands?!?

The Blacklist premiered following the opener of The Voice season premiere last night, with Emmy winner James Spader in the lead role of Wanted criminal mastermind Red Reddington.

The twist? Immediately we see Reddington turn himself into the FBI with a promise to help them track down even more Wanted criminals.

To what end? And why does he insist on working only with Megan Boone's Elizabeth Keen? These are the main questions viewers are now asking themselves.

The concept of a mysterious, slippery, scary villain working with the good guys to help them apprehend other bad guys certainly isn't anything new.

Heck, it's not even anything new on NBC at the moment, which is also home to Hannibal.

But the opener was sleek and straightforward and Spader has proven himself as a leading man in the past.

For a struggling network such as NBC, it ought to be a consistent, reliable drama, even if it's not breaking down any barriers in the process.

Did you tune in? Grade The Blacklist premiere now:

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