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Teyana Taylor and Rihanna are engaged in a Twitter feud, with the fashion model and R&B singer calling out the pop star for ridiculing her on Instagram.

Yes, this is an actual, heated celebrity beef. Allow us to explain:

Teyana Taylor-Rihanna Twitter Feud

It all started when Rihanna posted a video of her male hairstylist performing a parody of Taylor’s "Caught Up in the Rapture" cover wearing a curly wig.

Taylor shared a video of her performing the same track and blasting the "We Found Love" star on Twitter. She was NOT happy, for real. Taylor tweeted:

"Don’t play wit me @rihanna [expletive] all this industry [expletive], YOU & I know each other VERY well. Throwing subs 4 wat? u got my #, don’t show off."

Rihanna didn’t respond. But that didn’t deter Teyana Taylor:


“y’all could bully everybody else & get away wit that [expletive] but that [expletive] ain’t gone work ova here. so y’all could miss me with that NAVY [expletive]."

Rihanna finally responded, saying “I REFUSE to help your career…you will NOT get an @ from me! Not til you pay me! #nomorefreepromo #iRefuse.”

Cooler heads prevailed, at least in part, because that tweet from Rihanna has since been deleted, and Taylor has quieted down, for the moment anyway.

The Instagram videos remain, however. Your move, Teyana.