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Tammy Lynn Michaels, Melissa Etheridge‘s former partner, is offering more details about her health and financial situation than most people require.

Michaels went public with the claim that she’s $500,000 in debt and has no health insurance but needed surgery because her insides were “exploding.”

This despite the fact that she receives $26,000 a month in spousal and child support from the rock star for raising the former couple’s two children.

Melissa Etheridge in NYC
(Getty Images)

And the fact that she gets half of Etheridge’s music royalties, which at the time of their 2012 settlement was worth at least another $60,000 a month.

Her troubles, Tammy says, include “ovarian cysts that rupture, and an appendix that seems to be having fits.” She also has a souvenir if you’re interested:


“Want my rotten ovary when its out? Maybe make it a conversational centerpiece?”

Michaels and Etheridge, who were registered domestic partners in California before their split, continue to battle over custody and were in court as recently as last month.

The singer hasn’t commented publicly on her ex’s bizarre revelations, but Tammy Lynn Michaels pulled down her Twitter page Sunday. Sad, we know.