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Earlier this year, Tamara Ecclestone posed nude in Playboy.

But it was the British socialite’s naked actions in the privacy of her own bedroom that have resulted in the following exciting news: Ecclestone is pregnant!

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About three months after marrying Jay Rutland in a famously expensive $18 million event, the 29-year old has confirmed the The Mirror that she and her husband are expecting.

"I just feel so lucky. I never imagined this all happening so quickly," Ecclestone tells the newspaper of the pregnancy. "It’s crazy how life works in such mysterious ways. Jay loves children and i’m really excited for the next phase of our relationship.”


Rutland and Ecclestone –  the daughter of billionaire Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone – met only nine months ago.

She is 14 weeks along and we send the new couple nothing but our best wishes, while also wondering:

To what crazy lengths will they go to for a baby shower?!?