Oscar De La Hoya: Back in Rehab For Substance Abuse

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Oscar De La Hoya has checked into rehab facility as he continues to fight his substance abuse, the former boxing champion confirmed in a statement.

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The move comes on the eve of the biggest fight of the year for his promotion company Saturday night, when Floyd Mayweather Jr. takes on Canelo Alvarez.

"I will not be at the fight this Saturday to cheer Canelo to victory since I have voluntarily admitted myself into a treatment facility," De La Hoya said Tuesday.

The fighter added that "I explained this to Canelo and he understood that my health and long term recovery from my disease must come first."

The 40-year-old Oscar De La Hoya first admitted two years ago that he was an alcoholic and drug user and had been in treatment for those problems.

He said just last month that he sometimes attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings up to six days a week, but had slipped at times in his treatment.

"The fight life, that was easy," he said. "This is a battle I have every day."

De La Hoya, a.k.a. "The Golden Boy," is a partner in Golden Boy Promotions, which promotes Alvarez and is promoting the fight against Mayweather.

He has appeared several times on Showtime's All Access show cheering on Alvarez in what is expected to be one of the most memorable fights in history.

De La Hoya won world titles in six classes and an Olympic gold medal in 1992. He retired in 2008 after being stopped by Manny Pacquiao in his last fight.

We wish him nothing but the best in his efforts to get/stay healthy.

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